About The Bread

What is sourdough? Sourdough is the ancient process of breadmaking. Using only flour, water, salt and a natural wild culture. Sourdough is a naturally leavened, slow fermented bread, allowing a natural culture to break down complex carbs and gluten into simple sugars and amino acids. This process unlocks the nutrients in the flour and also breaks down the structures that make bread 'heavy' on your stomach. Studies suggest that anyone with gluten intolerances can eat sourdough, making it the all-round better bread option for everyone.  Our Sourdough We only use 3 ingredients in our classic sourdough loaf. Flour, Water and Salt. Organic English grown and milled flour, water and Himalayan pink salt for added mineral content along with our 5-year-old culture, our bread is fermented for up to 30 hours and baked until the crust is deeply caramelised. Our loaves are all slightly different to look at and with individual character, but with an open soft crumb and chewy dark crust and full of natural flavour. We recommend you start with our organic wild sourdough loaf, before moving onto the rest of our sourdough range.